Have you noticed it? Can you recite it? Does it motivate you? Are you sharing it with your  coworkers, family and friends?

I’m referring to our new Mission Statement:

Pleasant View is a dedicated team committed to integrity, quality of life, and clinical excellence through continued innovation. We support a diverse community by providing a meaningful home built on respect and love.

A result of our work so far this year on the Eden Registry effort, our mission statement reflects what we represent, who we are striving to be as care partners, our commitment to our residents and how we want to be perceived internally and externally. It’s a shining light meant to guide us as we do our jobs. It’s a reminder that we are person-centered and

I’m very proud of this statement. Everyone had a chance to help shape it. Really, it’s owned by all the people of Pleasant View, so be proud of yourselves too!

Our work continues as we’ve moved on to the vision statement. Write your thoughts on the flip charts on the walls throughout the facility. Share your ideas with one of our Certified Eden Associates (look for the pin!). Let’s keep the positive energy going! In the end, we all benefit, especially our residents.

    — Shana Espinoza, RN, MSN, NHA