Social Services

Pleasant View Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility social workers focus on resident education, make referrals for services and coordinate discharge planning. When residents go home, they may need a variety of services in the home, such as physical therapy, home health care or housekeeping services and meal preparation. Our social workers make all the necessary arrangements for residents’ care after discharge. Social workers may supply services related to end-of-life care as well. A resident or family may need assistance to make a will or arrange a trust. Many residents choose to complete advanced directives — a document that explains the resident’s wishes in the event of a medical emergency. A resident may also have “unfinished business,” such as family estrangements, and turn to a social worker to help with resolving these issues. One of the social worker’s principle functions is advocacy. The social worker collaborates with other staff and medical professionals to ensure a resident’s wishes are implemented. This is especially important in cases where a resident is unable to communicate their wishes or is not competent to make their own decisions. Our social workers strive to protect residents from abuse and improve quality of life whenever possible.

One East: Mindi Gerzseny, LLBSW; (989) 743-3491 Ext. 521 

South: Melissa Gillett, LBSW; (989) 743-3491 Ext. 506

Two East: Jill Hilgendorf, LBSW; (989) 743-3491 Ext. 503